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Grenzer Games is company specialising in realistic and immersive board games and rule sets that place you on the battlefield, bringing you closer to the action than ever before.

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Sector Commander: WWII is a card driven strategy board game that has a host of content that covers all theatres of WWII. Using Company strength unit counters and a unique, player created, Combat Deck no two games are ever the same, with the game boards giving over 100 configurations alone!

All units and forces are thoroughly researched and offer you the opportunity to collect by full Division at an incredibly affordable price. Collect real world organisations and refight the historical battles they were to become famous for. Can you keep the British 1st Airborne alive in Arnhem? Or take the American 3rd Infantry through Italy unscathed? Push your German 6th Army into the East and take Stalingrad? All of this and more is possible in Sector Commander.

Sector Commander is available to buy at War-games Vault, click the WV link below to get your copy.

Muzzle Flash is a visceral skirmish game, placing you in the boots of the individuals on the ground that fought for their lives in history’s greatest conflict. 

Based at a 1:1 scale and managing to operate up to Company level per player its an detailed simulation of the brutality of war and what it feels like to be in the middle of the mayhem of combat.  This creates an immersive and involving game that draws you into every single solders actions and reactions to their situation, creating a realistic game that generates a table top experience like no other.

Arrows & Airstrikes is an ambitious rule set that covers all periods  of warfare, from Biblical through to Modern Day and beyond. With a detailed core set of mechanics that traverse all unit types and war zones Arrows & Airstrikes will be the only rule set you’ll want to use. Written for 10mm it can also be used at other scales meaning you won’t need to re-buy all your forces but will be able to jump straight into playing entertaining and immersive games straight away.

Using a strong command and control system you will manoeuvre with large battle groups where unit quality and strategy plays a major role in the quest for victory. With detailed and historically accurate unit choices and a in-depth army builder you can sculpt your perfect force for friendly games or build a tournament winning army that can’t be beaten .

Steel Tide is a 3mm & 6mm modern day rule set aimed at large scale battles at Divisional level. With an in depth logistics element and realistic combat mechanics Steel Tide takes real world strategic planning and tactics into new and unique areas.

With other periods also in development, such as WW2, this is the only small scale rule set you'll need in the library.